Raising a Concern

Should you have any concerns regarding 2wish & 2wish Cymru or anyone connected to 2wish & 2wish Cymru, we want you be able to speak to us, to resolve any issues as quickly and effectively as possible. 

Who do I Talk to?

The best place to start is talking to the team involved with your support as soon as possible. They will try to resolve your concerns immediately.

If this does not help, or you do not want to speak to the support team, you can contact the Complaints Officer.

T: 01443 853125

E: emma@2wish.org.uk

How Soon Should I Tell Someone About my Concern?

It is best to talk to someone as soon as possible. However, if a longer time has passed the team may still be able to deal with your concern.

Who Can Raise a Concern?

You can raise it yourself. If you prefer, a friend or relative may represent you, but you will need to give them permission to do this.

What Will 2wish & 2wish Cymru do?

2wish & 2wish Cymru will listen to your concerns to try and resolve them as soon as possible.

The team will look into your concerns and speak to the people involved in your support and let you know what they have found and what they are going to do about it.

What Happens Once You Have Raised Your Concern?

The team will:

  • Contact you and may offer a meeting to discuss your concerns
  • Look into your concerns and talk to the individuals involved in your support
  • Aim to respond to you with 30 working days of receiving your concern. If they cannot
  • reply to you in that time, they will explain why and let you know when to expect a response

Please be aware that some concerns may take longer to look into.