Senedd Debate

Earlier this month we headed to the Senedd to urge the Welsh Government to provide support for a service here in Wales to ensure families who unexpectedly lose their child or young adult aged 25 years and under get the support they require.

Two years ago our CEO Rhian Mannings submitted the petition after receiving incredible support with over 5000 signatures on the petition.

“Today I am asking for Welsh Government to show compassion and understanding. To recognise that sudden bereavement requires immediate support if the family wants it. We didn’t want leaflets with numbers that didn’t pick up. We needed someone to sit, hold our hand, talk to us, care about us and show we mattered.
Today I am asking for change to make sure no other child loses their Daddy unnecessarily and that families facing the unimaginable loss get the support they deserve.” Rhian Mannings CEO

We are so grateful for the fantastic support we received from the committee lead by Jack Sargeant MS. We were overwhelmed with the outcome and backing we received from the Welsh Government.

Deputy Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing Lynne Neagle MS
“I fully recognise the need for a consistent clear immediate referral pathway to be available for families who lose a child or young person where ever they are in Wales.
I am committed as Deputy Minister to ensuring that we in Wales deliver just that.”

We’ll never give up the fight to improve bereavement services here in Wales, so that every family who suffers the unimaginable, suddenly losing a child or young adult aged under 25, receives the support they need.

Watch the debate here 

Find out more about the petition below.

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