An introduction from Gaynor

Hello there,

My name is Gaynor, and I am the All-Wales volunteer coordinator here at 2wish.
Thank you for visiting the volunteer section on our website.

I began my employment with the 2wish team back in January 2021 after volunteering myself and I can honestly say I have never looked back. I volunteered for around eighteen months and was truly bitten by the 2wish bug. The more time I spent volunteering whether that being out and about at events, or helping with some admin tasks in the office, the more I realised this is where I wanted to be. When I saw first-hand the difference this charity makes to people’s lives, it changed everything for me. I wanted to be more involved in raising awareness and funds so that the 2wish team could help as many families as possible here in Wales.

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During my time as a volunteer, I got a whole lot more than I expected in the best way possible.
I met the most wonderful families who still inspire me every day.
I spent hours out and about spreading the 2wish word and sparkle, meeting new people, and having fun.
I met other volunteers who I am lucky enough to know call my friends.
I found a community where everyone has the same goal, helping and supporting those who need us.

Now I am lucky enough to be employed by 2wish I am passionate about showing others what it means to be part of this wonderful community.

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons.
Maybe like I did; you have a few hours to spare and are looking to fill them with something different. Or possibly you are new to the area and are keen to find new interests and make new friends.

Sadly, you may have been supported by us yourself or know a friend or family that has.
Or have you just retired and looking to become involved in something new?

One of my aims on joining 2wish was to build a community of volunteers, where friendships are made and cherished. I never wanted people to say or think ‘ Gaynor’s on the phone, what does she want now’ it is really important to me that we are giving something back. In this wonderful community I’d like to think this is happening.  We spend a lot of time together, both out and about in the community and at our office. We laugh together a lot, sometimes we cry too, but this okay because we always have each other. Sometimes we are out of our comfort zone, I mean it’s not often you get to walk around town accompanied by our huge elephant mascot, Gorgeous George!

Don’t take my word for it though, keep on scrolling and see what our volunteers have to say!

It doesn’t matter whether you are able to help an hour a day, a day a week or a week a month. Maybe you will have time to literally dip in and out around your own commitments and that is perfectly fine. I would truly love to have you on board!

If you would like any information, please do not hesitate to call me on 07767 160399 or drop me an email at gaynor@2wish.org.uk.

I am waiting to hear from you, and I would love to meet you.
Gaynor x

See What Our Volunteers Have to Say…

Elinor Ridout

Volunteering with 2wish has brought me so much joy. I love spending time with the fabulous volunteer team, we always end up having so much fun and I never leave a volunteering event without a smile on my face and a lovely sense of belonging. I’ve met so many wonderful people and 2wish families throughout the different events.

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My favourite event was the Elephant Dip, but I really enjoy the welfare officer race days and also just going to the office for a cuppa (cake!) and some office-based work, there really is something for everyone to get involved with. Everyone just does what they can around other commitments, so there’s never any pressure.

Being able to give something back to a cause as important as 2wish means a lot to me personally too, as they continue to support my family after the sudden death of my beautiful son William. I’ve made some fabulous friends through volunteering, and I would encourage anyone to get involved, I’m sure you wouldn’t regret it!

Fran Evans

Hi, my name is Fran Evans and I have been volunteering for 2Wish for about a year now.
Rhian’s story touched my heart and I knew that I wanted to support the charity any way I could and I’m so glad I did because the staff are the most dedicated and friendly team you could ever wish to meet!

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My role is mainly administrative and I work with Gaynor to secure supermarket collections all over Wales, many of which I attend to raise much needed funds and spread awareness of the wonderful work 2Wish does.

I also go into the office occasionally to put up the Memory Boxes which are given to each bereaved family and, lately, the packs which are distributed to professionals under the ‘You Can’t Pour from an Empty Cup’ campaign.

Both of these activities mean that I get to meet and interact with other volunteers many of whom have been helped personally by the charity and who, like me, want to do whatever they can to help.

So, if you want to make a difference and meet lots of new lovely people then don’t hesitate to volunteer for 2wish.

Volunteer Ambassadors

Our charity volunteer ambassadors play a key role in raising awareness and support for 2wish through speaking and representing the charity in the community. They are passionate about our aims and objectives and highlighting the charities key messages.

Ambassadors help us by;

  • Inspiring their communities, families, and friends to support the charity.
  • Attending community fundraising events and cheque presentations.
  • Giving presentations and talks in the community and at events.
  • Attending 2wish events to lend a hand and cheer on our amazing participants.
  • Promoting 2wish campaigns.
  • Working with the community fundraiser to aid with research.

Generally volunteers are invited to become ambassadors and we could not do without their constant love, help and support.

Our Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors are the next generation of leaders and fundraisers for 2wish. They often come with first hand experience about growing up through their most formative years, whilst also navigating they way through grief.

We’re so proud to have so many young people volunteering for 2wish, representing the charity in their schools, colleges and extra-curricular clubs.

How You Can Help

Volunteer Roles

There are so many ways in which you can help us at 2wish, as we are still largely self-funded!

We have volunteers who spend time at the office with us, helping with some administration tasks. Our star wall is very lovingly looked after by volunteers, and they also help us put together the precious memory boxes that are given to our families.

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  • Putting important literature together and helping us by making sure our stocks are well supplied.
  • We have an online shop, and we rely on volunteers to prepare our stock and package it up, ready to be posted.
  • We are lucky to work with quite a lot of supermarkets who allow us to hold bucket collections. We always need a lot of volunteers to make this work for us.

2wish is still largely funded and therefore we hold many events, which we could not do without our volunteers. Our events vary but are always fun and a great day out; Elephant walks and dips to walking, cycling, and running!

  • We have a pop-up shop which volunteers kindly take to various markets across Wales.
  • Maybe you fancy being our mascot, a 7ft grey, adorable elephant.
  • We have welfare officer roles available to those who would like to give it a try. (Read below for more info)

If you would like to join us, we will have a role that suits you!

Welfare Officers

2wish currently provide a team of trained volunteers (Welfare officers) to attend some major running events here in Wales, to provide support to individual runners and their families in the case of an emergency.

Following the sudden death of two runners at the Cardiff Half Marathon in 2018, the charity was approached by Run4Wales and the idea of Welfare Officers was discussed. These officers, who have received training from us, attend the events representing 2wish and are on hand, placed at event control, to support in the event of an emergency.

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Depending on the size of the Welfare team – officers are placed at ‘Event Information/Event Control’ and out on the course. They are linked by radio contact.

If a situation arises the team are to help find the runners relatives and if necessary, accompany them to the local hospital. They will remain with the family until they feel the time is right to leave.

In the event of a fatal incident – the welfare team at the hospital will take the contact details from the family (with consent) and ensure a memory box is offered.

Whilst we have had some serious incidents it is important to remember that is the exception rather than the rule and with this in mind we have changed the was the day runs quite a bit since we first started back in 2018.

We now take along our pop up shop, pots, buckets and sometimes even our Gorgeous George mascot in the hope that we are raising both pennies and awareness.

At almost all of the events you will find lots of wonderful runners for us here at 2wish and it is really great to cheer them along.

Whilst we are there first and foremost to support anyone who may need us, it is usually a really great day.

Take a look at the pics and if you are interested or would like any further information, please contact gaynor@2wish.org.uk.