Grief at Christmas

Christmas – A time of love and celebration with family and friends- but for many who have experienced the loss of a loved one it may not be such a joyful occasion. While grief never fully goes away, there will be times, like the festive season, when the sense of loss can feel greater and emotions are much more heightened. Here are some helpful tips for managing grief through the holidays:

  • Do what feels right for you- Don’t feel pressured by the festivities, if you feel you are not ready you don’t have to get involved.
  • Look after yourself. If things become a bit too much, find a way to take a breather.
  • Take time to process your emotions, give yourself permission to not be ok and, just as importantly, to have fun and smile.
  • Share memories about those you grieve, it’s a way to honour and include them in the special day.
  • Accept that others may have different ways of grieving. Not everyone is the same. It’s important to have patients and allow people to process grief in their own way.
  • Consider different ways of celebrating, some people like to continue family traditions, and others may choose to create a new family tradition such as baking a special Christmas cake together.
  • It may be important to mark the memory of the person that has died by doing something special such as lighting a candle, visiting a special place, or buying a new special decoration for the tree.
  • If you are a family member or friend of someone who has been bereaved, be guided by their wishes. It’s hard to prepare for how they will feel so it’s important to be understanding and accommodate them as best you can.
  • Talk to someone and reach out for support. It’s okay not to be okay. There is always someone at hand to help.
  • Remember you are not alone.

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Sending gentle Christmas wishes to you all.

Rydym yn anfon dymuniadau nadolig addfwyn atoch i gyd.