Days 4,5 & 6 – The Trek Continues

Now the challenge really begins as the landscape changes more drastically and our trekkers acclimatise to the altitude. After breaking the cloud line, the climate has turned considerably colder and our trekkers have been treated to chilling winds and slow flurries. A massive change from the warmer African temperatures down at ground level.

Over the weekend, the team have covered more than 17km and walked for a total of 13 hours over the 2 days. The altitude gains are much smaller than in previous days, in order to get used to the thinner atmosphere and dwindling oxygen levels as they climb higher up the mountain. In comparison, on the first day of walking the team gained 1219m in altitude, compared to only 37m today.

Expedition leader, John Gupta informed us of pockets of mobile signal on the mountain, and so we received many photos and updates from our trekkers over the weekend and we’re so excited to share a small snippet with you. Take a look at our gallery below for all images received to date.

We continue to be in awe of all those taking on this tremendous task, and are so incredibly proud of them for raising awareness about 2wish, and the services we provide for those suddenly bereaved by the death of a child or young person. If you would like to donate to the Kilimanjaro fund, you can do so by heading to our JustGiving page here.