Day 7 – The Big Push!

alfresco brekkie kili

The day before ‘summit day’ is here. This will possibly be the most difficult day for the team as the terrain becomes increasingly more challenging, and the altitude continues to impact their pace. Today the trekkers will cover ‘only’ 6km, with an altitude gain of 839m. However, this will take them approximately 5 hours to complete. As they grow ever closer to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, naturally the temperature has dropped increasingly. The climate on this part of the expedition is commonly known as “Alpine Desert”. During the day when the sun is out temperatures are around a comfortable 15 ℃, but come night-time they quickly drop below freezing, and can fall as low as -10℃!

Tomorrow will see our trekkers finally climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. They will be setting off before dawn, in order to reach the summit for sunrise. A truly powerful moment, for a truly inspiring group of individuals. We’re so incredibly proud of them all for reach this point, despite the challenges along the way.

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