Day 8 – “For Our Stars” – Summit Day

kili summit


After 6 gruelling days hiking through rainforest, across volcanic rock, and through snow and ice, our trekkers have finally made it to the Summit of Kilimanjaro. We’re so proud of every single one of them for taking on this challenge, and are completely in awe of their dedication and drive. We know that this expedition hasn’t been easy for a number of reasons, both physically and emotionally, which makes it all the more incredible that they acheived this.

Today the trekkers took on their longest day, hiking for more than 10 hours and gaining a climb of 993m, to the summit, before descending 2058m back to Millenium Camp. From here on out, the hike will be considerably more straight forward as they come down the mountain but it is important that the trekkers take their time to acclimatise to the changing atmosphere, and to reduce the risk of injuries as they descend the mountain.

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