Mooneerams & 2wish

Mooneerams is a specialist firm of personal injury solicitors based in Cardiff. Founded in 2002, Mooneerams helps people get the compensation rightfully due to them, whether they have been involved in road traffic accidents, accidents at work or accidents in public places.  

In recognition of its expertise in personal injury law, Mooneerams won the ‘Personal Injury Team of the Year’ award at the Wales Legal Awards 2022. 

The team at Mooneerams prides itself on its dedication to getting the highest compensation possible for its clients and ensuring each client receives the care, treatment and rehabilitation facilities they need to recover from their injuries. 

Although Mooneerams now handles No Win Fee claims for clients from all over Wales and England, its roots remain firmly in South East Wales. As well as being a strong supporter of local charities and grassroots sports in the region, Mooneerams is also a champion of small independent businesses in the area, whose continued success helps the region maintain its identity.  

For 2023, Mooneerams decided to ask the public, via a social media campaign, to nominate the charity they would like to see become the firm’s Charity of the Year. Over 1700 people voted online, and 66 charities received at least one nomination.  

When nominations closed, the five charities receiving the most votes were shortlisted, and from these, the name of one charity was drawn at random, and that charity was…… 


Each of the four other nominated charities received a donation of £250 in recognition of their achievement in making the shortlist. 

Those of us at Mooneerams who are spearheading this year’s charity campaign with 2wish have spent a lot of time over recent weeks learning more about the charity; its reason for being, its aims and the work it does in providing support for those people affected by sudden death in young people. 

Reading Rhian’s story about losing baby George and then her husband Paul within 5 days of each other is heartbreaking. To hear Rhian tell her story to us in person and listen as she so eloquently describes the loneliness and helplessness that she felt …. words fail us. 

We at Mooneerams are resolved to do our utmost to raise as much awareness and money as possible for this fantastic charity. We will do this so that others who find themselves in the awful and tragic situation that befell Rhian get the support they deserve. 

At Mooneerams, we are just beginning to learn about the sheer enormity of the work that 2wish does for the broader circle of people and organisations affected by the sudden death of young people as well as the training it facilitates for professionals, organisations, and institutions.     

Since the announcement of 2wish as their Charity of the Year, the teams at Mooneerams and 2wish have spent time getting to know each other and formulating plans for fundraising and awareness campaigns over the next twelve months. There will be plenty of running, walking and cycling to raise funds. There will be cakes baked and sold. There will be awareness days and weeks supported, articles written, Christmas Jumpers worn, and competitions to be won.  

There will be fun and doubtless tears, but the reason we’ll do it will not be lost on anyone at Mooneerams.