Slater and Gordon & 2wish: Generously Supporting the Elephant Walks

About Slater and Gordon 

Slater and Gordon are a leading national law firm that prioritises clients above all else. They offer specialised legal services in areas like clinical negligence, personal injury, employment, family law, and wills and probate.

Going the extra mile for clients is a cornerstone of their practice, evidenced by their in-house team of midwives and nurses to support our medical teams and complementary services like benefits advice, and an in-house occupational Therapist. Slater and Gordon’s wide range of services ensures clients receive full support throughout their journey.

Charity Champions

Working with charities is important to Slater and Gordon, witnessing the positive impact charities have had on their clients has given them a true understanding of the vital work charities and non-profits do. “Our relationships with our clients over many years have given us a real insight into the important role that charities can play with individuals and families affected by loss.” Explains Solicitor, Dannielle Hart. Furthermore, Dannielle identified our ability to provide immediate support as a particularly important service… “2wish is such an incredible, dynamic charity! The amount that they have achieved in such a short space of time is remarkable. In particular, establishing the bereavement pathway to ensure that support is immediately offered.”

Supporting 2wish Elephant Walks

Slater and Gordon have kindly sponsored our beloved Elephant Walks in Scolton Manor Park and Porthkerry Country Park. A popular fixture in the 2wish calendar that allows us to remember loved ones in a positive and uplifting environment and connect over a fun family day out. Upon discussing the event, Danielle highlights the importance of remembrance… “Both events are bringing people together with 2Wish’s mascot, George the Elephant. This will be an opportunity to honour memories, as we know elephants never forget and neither do 2wish.”

We would like to express our gratitude to Slater and Gordon for their generous support, we look forward to seeing them at our Elephant Walk & Picnic in Porthkerry Country Park and Elephant Walk & Festival in Scolton Manor Park on 11th August.

You can learn more about Slater and Gordon here.