Mwsic i Mabli: A Community Comes Together

A Loss Felt Throughout the community

Last year the community of Llanrwst suffered a devastating loss when 13yr old Mabli Roberts passed away suddenly. The effects of this sudden bereavement were felt far and wide throughout the area, compelling the community to come together to raise funds for 2wish, who supported Mabli’s family in the wake of their loss.

Sioned Sajko, Deputy Head at Ysgol Bro Gwydir Llanrwst, played a key role in organising the benefit concert “Mwsic I Mabli”, held at St John’s Methodist Church, Llandudno on July 12th.

“After hearing the heartbreaking news about Mabli Roberts last year we as a school were devastated and couldn’t possibly feel the heartache Mabli’s family was going through,” Sioned shared with us.  “Eban, Mabli’s brother was in my class when she passed away and all the pupils from my class made a happy box for Eban. We as a school felt that we could support the family by raising money for a wonderful charity that supported the family.”

Sioned’s colleague Cerri had previously organised a sponsored marathon walk for 2wish, which inspired her to organise her own fundraising event.

A Night of Remembrance and Music

With the help of her colleagues, choir mates and the local community, everyone rallied together to host an evening to remember, in honour of Mabli. As a member of Cor Alaw, Sioned’s choirmates were thrilled to be asked to take part in the concert, along with their conductor Dilwyn Price, who came up with a repertoire especially for the concert, showcasing their talents. Cor Alaw were also joined by opera singer Elgan Llyr Thomas, and harpist Dylan Cernw along with choirs from local schools; Bro Gwydir and Dyffryn Conwy.

The concert in its entirety was a real family affair, with Mabli’s Great-Aunt Gaynor Davies acting as compere, contributing to a brilliantly memorable evening.

The evening was topped off by a stellar performance by Mabli’s sister Efa, who sang a solo piece, making for a truly unforgettable moment. The finale was a joint effort as all performers came together to sing “Hafan Gobaith” including staff from the performing schools.

Accompaniments were also provided by Judith Rees Williams, Owain Gethin Davies (Headteacher at Dyffryn Conwy), and Daniel Sajko who also conducts Hogie’r Berfeddwlad. Conductors for the evening were Sioned, Bethan Jones (Headteacher at Bro Gwydir) conducting Bro Gwydir and Angharad Ellis conducting Dyffryn Conwy choir.

The evening served, not only as a stark reminder of the impact of grief on this tight-knit community, but also a brilliant celebration of Mabli’s life and the mark she left on so many individuals.

The amount of funds raised is a real testament to Mabli’s legacy and the community spirit surrounding her family. These vital funds will aid 2wish in providing further care for those suddenly bereaved by the death of a child or young person aged 25 and under.

In total, £4000 was raised on the evening of July 12th, in memory of Mabli. This money was generously shared between 2wish and Ty Gobaith, a local hospice that provides bereavement support for anyone in North Wales who has suffered the loss of a child.

Grief is a journey that affects every individual differently, and we are exceptionally humbled that funds have been raised to help 2wish continue supporting others should they find themselves in similar heartbreaking circumstances.