Swimming the Channel: Sian Lewis & the Langland Sharks

We’re so excited to share with you the story of 2wish supporter, Sian Lewis, who recently completed a gruelling Bristol Channel swim, with an all-female relay team from the Langland Sharks Swimming Club. The team, based in Swansea, swam through the night to complete this extremely challenging crossing, which began on June 23rd in North Devon and concluded at Limeslade Bay, Gower on the 24th of June. The team set off from Ilfracombe, North Devon with the initial aim to swim in Langland Bay, as this is where the ‘Sharks’ swimming club are based. However, strong tidal currents and adverse weather conditions meant they had to change plans, last minute and completed their challenge in the neighbouring bay, which was Limeslade.

After 17hours of swimming, being competed in 1-hour shifts, the team arrived around 10:30am to a very excited crowd of friends and family, all cheering them in onto the shore.

The team were kindly transported to Ilfracombe by the boat Shee Ann, skippered by Ceri Davies of Swansea Water Sports, along with crew member Aston Grindod. The crew looked after the team very well and shipped them safely to their start line in Ilfracombe, before serving as a guide vessel throughout the swim challenge.

sian lewis langland sharks 2wish boat
sian lewis langland sharks boat2

Expert guidance was also delivered by fellow ‘Shark’, Jayne Keeley who provided support throughout the challenge, including staying awake throughout the night to make sure that the team remained safe both in the water, and onboard the support boat. She kept a watchful eye as the swim challenge progressed, regularly checking on the welfare of those in the water. The friendship and camaraderie of the team, no doubt, had a huge part to play in this formidable challenge.

As if the experience of completing this incredible challenge wasn’t enough, the team were, on occasions accompanied by pods of dolphins and carpets of jellyfish but managed to keep going despite the distractions with Jayne providing the necessary advice to push through and keep motivated.

We look forward to Sian joining the 2wish team for future events and take inspiration from her incredible spirit and determination in everything she gets involved with. Diolch Sian!