Paradigm Consulting: The Sandstone Trail Challenge

There can be lots of different reasons as to why corporate organisations decide to get involved with 2wish. Sometimes, an inspiring key note speech at a conference compels them to reach out, or a chance encounter at an event. Unfortunately, in can also be personal tragedy that is the driving force behind an organisation choosing to collaborate and fundraise for us, which is what happened in the case of Paradigm Consulting.

When Head of Proposition, David Ryder welcomed his grandson, they never could have expected the tragedy that followed, when he survived for only 48hrs due to complications during delivery meant that he was starved of oxygen. 2wish supported David and his family as they navigated their way through this devastating loss, providing counselling and immediate support in the wake of their grief.

Each year, David’s employers Tatton Asset Management Plc (Tatton), ask the teams from each of their 3 offices around the UK to nominate a charity, and naturally David chose 2wish. In addition to their generous donation, the company also pledge to arrange fundraising events throughout the company, not only to raise funds but to raise the profile of their chosen charity and spread the word about the work they do. David expressed his excitement about 2wish being chosen:

“I put forward 2wish because I had seen first-hand the invaluable support they provide, and I am pleased and proud to say that our Manchester office selected 2wish as their chosen charity.”

2wish sandstone trail challenge david ryder 4

We’re so grateful that he did! Not only will this help us to raise vital funds and awareness for 2wish, but it will also help us to set down roots in parts of the country that don’t currently have access to the services 2wish provides, something which is a goal for us as 2wish expands into England.

In October 2023, David took on the challenge of walking the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire, along with a group of family, friends and their canine companions.

“We did the walk in memory of my Grandson and we completed the 34 miles in 14 hours, raising £2,600 in the process, which included an additional element of fund matching from Tatton and meant we have, to date, now donated more than £7,500 to help support 2wish.”

2wish sandstone trail paradigm consulting

We’re truly humbled by the generosity of Tatton Asset Management, David and all his colleagues, and loved ones. This will make a huge difference to those affected by the sudden death of a child or young person. He shared his thoughts on 2wish’s support for those impacted by the sudden and traumatic death of a young person:

“Nobody knows what is around the next corner. In a perfect world, 2wish wouldn’t have to exist, but reality can hit hard sometimes and no more so than in the sudden loss of a young person. At such a time, thoughts are confused, emotions are tangled, and it can be difficult to put one foot in front of another. 2wish are the guiding hand, the sounding board, the experts in understanding the emotions involved in such heart-breaking loss and it is with their support and expertise that families can start to recover and rebuild. In the immediate darkness, 2wish provide the gift of light.”

2wish paradigm consulting sandstone trail david ryder 2

If you’re feeling inspired to support, or fundraise for, the work of 2wish, please get in touch with us on We’d love to talk to you some more about your ideas and hear about why 2wish means so much to you.