Run for 2wish

Running for a cause

Running challenges are a great way to get fit, have fun, and support a good cause. For those looking for a way to improve their physical and mental health, and make a difference, running challenges can be a fantastic option.

Here are 5 reasons to take on a running challenge on behalf of 2wish:

  1. Raise Funds:
    Running challenges offer a fantastic platform to collect donations and raise funds for the charity. You can set up a dedicated fundraising page on services such as JustGiving, and encourage friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor your run, with all proceeds going directly to 2wish.
  2. Raise Awareness:
    When you run for a charity, you become a walking, running, and talking billboard for their cause. By donning the 2wish running shirt and sharing your story on social media, you can help spread the word and increase awareness about the charity’s work, while showing the world your fantastic achievements!
  3. Inspire Others:
    Your commitment to a running challenge can inspire others to take up the cause. Your journey can motivate friends and acquaintances to get involved, either by running or by supporting 2wish in their own way.
  4. Personal Growth:
    Running challenges are not just about physical endurance; they can also foster personal growth. As you train and push your limits, you’ll discover new strengths within yourself. This journey of self-discovery can be incredibly rewarding.
  5. Community and Support:
    The running community is a vibrant and supportive one. By participating in running events, you’ll connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for making a difference. These connections can be invaluable for both personal and charitable reasons.

Supporters of 2wish

People run for their chosen charities for many reasons, be that personal experience with the charity’s cause, witnessing the impact on someone else, or out of empathy with those who might be affected to name a few. There is no wrong reason for getting involved in raising funds and awareness for your chosen charity!

We are extremely fortunate for the support we have received from an array of different people, from various walks of life and with a range of motives and backstories.  

The following are three examples of supporters who have recently run for 2wish, sharing their reasons for supporting us and what it meant for them to take on the challenge.


Caron Truby – Great Welsh Marathon 2023

Caron’s run at the Great Welsh Marathon came with a mixture of emotions. She ran to commemorate her late brother who sadly passed away aged just 7 months old in 1971. She also chose to run for 2wish after close friends Cathy and Carl received support from 2wish when they tragically lost their son, Alex in December 2022. But this year also marked a milestone for Caron, as she celebrated 10 years since she underwent surgery for her breast cancer diagnosis.

Caron Trubey run for 2wish

Carl Waring, Mooneeams – Swansea to Cardiff, 75 miles

Carl, a Solicitor at Mooneerams, made the huge commitment to raise money for 2wish with a sponsored hike which saw him trekking a section of the Wales Coastal Path from Swansea to Cardiff, covering an astonishing distance of 75 miles over 5 days. Carl originally had the idea of staging the walk after meeting our Founder & CEO, Rhian Mannings. After hearing her story, Carl decided he wanted to undertake a personal challenge to raise funds. 

Gareth Coles, Coles Funeral Directors – Cardiff Half Marathon

Despite having trained hard for a few months, Gareth was still nervous about taking on his first Cardiff Half Marathon. But spurred on by the amazing encouragement of the crowd he thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“My personal motivation was raising as much money as possible for 2 Wish, as I know from first-hand experience the vital support that they offer to families and our community. I was over the moon to have raised £1665 and thank everyone that, even in these difficult times, donated.”

Feeling inspired?

If you’re up for a challenge in aid of 2wish, the next big running event in our calendar is the 2wish Great Welsh Marathon! With half and full marathon spaces available, take the ultimate test amongst stunning Welsh coastal scenery.  

Great Welsh Marathon