Vilomay 2024



Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: Against the natural order of things.

Often used to describe a parent who has lost a child.

Vilomah is a Sanskrit word that means ‘against the natural order.’ It took years of pondering, research, and discovery for the word vilomah to come into the forefront. It’s used to describe a person whose child has died. It’s a complicated concept wrapped up in a small but powerful word. It’s meaning embodies everything that happens when a parent has to bury their child. It goes against the natural order.

For centuries, terms denoting various forms of loss have been woven into our language. Consider the term ‘Widow’, which has symbolised the loss of a spouse since the 14th century. Yet, until recent years, there was no widely recognised term to describe a parent who has lost a child. For these parents, grappling with the profound loss of their child, there existed no succinct label, requiring cumbersome explanations to convey their altered reality.

This May, our mission is to raise awareness of ‘Vilomah’, a term crafted to acknowledge and honour parents who have endured the devastating loss of a child. By shining a light on ‘Vilomah’, we seek to facilitate recognition and understanding, enabling these parents to articulate their grief without the added burden of complex explanations that only serve to compound their anguish.

Throughout May, we are selling our star badges with a special edition Vilomay card backing to help raise funds to support our bereaved families and spread awareness far and wide! 
Star badge

Once you have received your star badge, post a photo on social media using #vilomay to help us spread awareness for Vilomahs everywhere. 

You can also donate to Vilomay below, knowing that every penny you donate will go towards supporting those effected by the sudden and unexpected death of a child or young person aged 25 and under.