Dan Rees Goes the Extra Mile for 2wish: Four Half Marathons in 2024.

2wish has been an integral part of family life for Dan Rees. Since the tragic events that led to the charity’s inception, Dan and his family have been proud supporters of 2wish through various events and fundraisers over the years. Every single member of his family has fundraised for 2wish at some point in the past, including their loveable chocolate labrador, Bruce. At only 17 years old, Dan is refreshingly honest about how he often struggles to get up in time for school in the morning. Yet somehow he has found the drive and motivation to take on not just one, half marathon, but FOUR in 2024. He says “Every penny donated will motivate me to keep going”.

dan rees fundraises half marathon 2wish

From Casual Runner to Competitor: Rising to the Challenge

After recently discovering a passion for running, and the positive impact on his mental health, Dan decided to give back and use his passion to help those who have been affected by the sudden or unexpected death of a child or young person. Not to mention the recent expansion into the bordering counties of England, an exciting new chapter for 2wish where raising awareness is greatly needed.

What started as a plan to complete 2 half marathons, in aid of 2wish, Dan soon doubled this target to four, realising how much he enjoyed the challenge of long-distance running. To date, Dan has completed the Great Welsh Half Marathon, Swansea Half and Birmingham Half. He is now gearing up to take on his final half marathon of the year on ‘home turf’ at the extremely popular Cardiff Half Marathon. Here he will be one of almost 27,500 other runners, all taking on their own personal challenges.

The Heart Behind the Fundraising

Dan is passionate not only about running but also about advocating for 2wish and the importance of raising awareness and fundraising, so others in need will be made aware of the vital support 2wish provides for those suddenly bereaved.

Dan told us:
“2wish relies on fundraising to provide support. I know some families that receive support and have gained a lot from it. Although bereavement is a sad topic, fundraising can be fun and positive and brings the community together”.

This positive and proactive approach, as well as the focus of community, is an essential driving force behind the work of 2wish. We couldn’t agree more with Dan that setting goals and challenges can be a positive and fun element of fundraising in support of those suddenly bereaved. He is also a firm believer in small actions having a great impact in the form of wearing 2wish merchandise. Not only does this help 2wish to raise funds, but also raises awareness. It’s a simple but significant way to show solidarity and support.

We’re so grateful to Dan for taking on these incredible challenges in aid of 2wish, and for being a brilliant role model to other young people about the importance of supporting charity.

There’s still time to donate, if you would like to shop your support for Dan – Click here.

If you’re feeling inspired to take on a running challenge for 2wish, take a look at our events page for all the events we will be represented at this summer, or get in touch via fundraising@2wish.org.uk