Caitlyn May Jones

This is my beautiful Caitlyn she was 6 years old when she passed away from a sudden brain haemorrhage. You hear about people losing children but you never would think it could happen to you. Caitlyn passed away the 27th August 2015.
The day before we went shopping to buy her school uniform to start back to school, she also had her swimming lessons and was doing so well. The morning she was with me playing around, her normal self. Her Dad picks her up on a Thursday morning and he picked her up at 9.30 to drop her to her Nan’s house at midday.

I had a phone call from his mother (Caitlyn’s Grandmother) saying Caitlyn’s really not well. They only live down the road so I went straight away. Caitlyn was saying she had a headache all of a sudden and was crying. She was taking ages talking back to us and felt really dizzy. When the ambulance came she went all floppy and went straight in to a cardiac arrest as soon as we were in the ambulance.

We got to the hospital and after 45 mins of pumping her chest they said the words there’s nothing else we can do and confirmed she had died.

My heart sank to hear those words. What do I do? Do I go home? Do I leave the hospital without my daughter? I just didn’t know what happened next.

2 Wish Upon A Star really helped us as a family. At first we couldn’t look at anything. All I thought was is this all I’ve got, this box that I was given in hospital. A box of my baby girls hand print, footprint, a lock of hair. We were given the box from 2 Wish Upon A Star and it was actually a great help. This along with the counselling, which was especially helpful for some of the family.

Now I will treasure the whole box. I have had her hand print as a tattoo and she will be on me forever. I often smell her hair and cuddle the teddy, it means so much to have all these things. We have had loads of support from everyone in the charity. I don’t know what I’d do without 2 Wish helping me, it means a lot.

We thought after the brilliant help we have had from 2 Wish Upon A Star, we would raise money to help other grieving parents have the same service that we did. We set a £2000 target and smashed that in the first week and we are now at £4,140.


Kimberly (Mammy) and Spencer Matthew (Daddy) and Coral.