Conner Marshall

‘Life goes on’, simple words of a tattoo on Conner’s arm, that now have such an enormous meaning to our family and friends.
March 12th 2015 is the horrible day that is forever etched in our minds, deep in our memories and so very sad. Our eldest, handsome and caring Conner was only 18 when he was tragically and unexpectedly taken from us.

Conner was a registered organ donor and has given the precious gift of life to three young adults.

No parent can fully explain the hurt and relentless pain that is often overwhelming when experiencing the loss of your child. Whether through illness, trauma, accident or crime the feelings are often unexpected and exhausting.

Our lives have changed in every way. As a family we have changed, we are devastated and often numb with sadness. Families are supposed to support each other, but how can you support when your heart is broken?

We didn’t choose to be part of this journey, but we did choose to ask for help from 2 Wish Upon A Star.

Whilst anxiously waiting in the A&E department for news on Conner we were taken to a side room and offered tea, coffee and privacy.

This small gesture of care was provided through donations by 2 Wish Upon A Star.

From that very first cup of tea, the support, care and compassion that Rhian and the amazing team provide to us is invaluable.

From parents and grandparents support groups, family counselling, holistic therapy or children’s parties we are grateful and privileged to be part of this truly wonderful charity.

Our journey is far from over, but with people to talk to, people that listen and care we are trying to ensure ‘Life goes on’.