Griff Edwards

Walking out of the hospital and leaving our baby behind was the hardest thing we had ever had to do up until that point. But even harder was to carry on life after he had gone.
It was a beautiful sunny day in June 2014 when our son, Griff was taken from us at just 8 months old. He had been the light of our lives, along with his older sister. When I kissed him goodnight , I could never have imagined that by the following morning he would be in intensive care with no chance of survival. He had been involved in an accident so unlikely it left us all stunned.
Sat on the grass outside the hospital in the blazing sunshine, I contemplated how we were going to carry on for our 4 year old daughter. Where do you even begin?

The staff at the hospital were fantastic. But as the ward doors closed behind us we were out there on our own. As a family, yes. But also very much alone and with insurmountable shock, grief and bewilderment to conquer.

That is where 2 Wish Upon A Star stepped in. They have helped our family stick together when we were too weak to cling to one another. The individual counselling sessions provided a safe haven to talk; or not. The group sessions provided not just for parents, but also for grandparents have helped us share the load.

The events provided for siblings of children who have died, have brought a smile to our daughter’s face when we weren’t able to. Rhian and 2 Wish Upon A star have welcomed the Edwards’s with open arms, including our new daughter.

It was support we hoped we would never need. But we do. And we are so very grateful that it is there.

Natalie Edwards (Griff’s Mummy).