Harry Westcott

On 26th August 2017 our amazing 17-year-old son Harry died in intensive care after being admitted to the University Hospital Wales 24 hours earlier, following a sudden and unexpected incident at our home.

Towards the end we were made aware of the charity 2wishuponastar and the nurses caring for Harry offered us things we could have to help keep Harry’s memory alive, including handprints and toy elephants for Harry’s five brothers and sisters.

Harry was able to hold these, three in one hand and two in the other and these elephants have become the most precious items my children have.

In the days, weeks and months following they were never far from our sides and brought a lot of comfort and a feeling closeness to Harry in the darkest times.

Later on, the whole family was offered counselling and other therapies such as reflexology. My youngest daughter had a course of play therapy in our home which really helped her to express her feelings about losing her beloved brother.

15 months on we are all proud of the way we have found positive ways to remember Harry and to cope with our grief and this is very much due to the arrival of the charity in our lives just when we needed it most.

Through 2wishuponastar we were offered thoughtful support which was offered with the utmost care and dignity.

Best wishes,