Jude Evans

On March 28th 2014 our families lives were turned upside down when our gorgeous little boy Jude, aged only 4 ½ months, was very cruelly, quickly & tragically taken from us by Meningitis B. It rocked our world to the core.

Only another parent who has lost a child can truly understand the pain, heartache & utter devastation you & your family go through. It doesn’t end with us as parents, its Jude’s grandparents who also feel a ‘double loss’ at losing not only a grandson but a little part of us as their children, and all our brothers & sisters losing a nephew.

The list is endless…we have an amazing family & friend network who have helped us get through some of the darkest of days & we couldn’t have come this far without them. If it wasn’t for 2 Wish Upon A Star with the help, support sessions & bereavement keepsake box we received on this most soul crushing of days, (which we discovered later was delivered by taxi by a nurse from Morriston Hospital, as there was nothing yet in place at Bridgend Hospital, courtesy of this charity) our grieving journey would have been 100 times harder!

You can never really appreciate how important tiny hand/footprints & locks of hair could be at such a devastating time, when nothing in the world makes sense. So thank you to everyone at 2 Wish Upon A Star for everything, from the counselling sessions to the Wickets & Wheels riders & golf day participants & especially Rhian, you are an inspiration & a huge emotional support to us, we have seen through you that life does go on & get better.

Not to expect too much too soon & that it’s ok to laugh & feel good without feeling guilty. The work you all do too support families like ours is so important. We have made some amazing new friendships for life through sharing our tragedy & are more than pleased to continue supporting this charity & be able to give back in any way we can.

Aimee & Gareth – Jude’s Mummy & Daddy x