Matthew Knowles

On the 12 of December 2016 was like no other day, one of the most hardest and worst days of mine, his father’s and brother’s life and for all the rest of the family, it was the day my 12 year old son Matthew died.

I was woken to the door knocking to find two police officers at the door telling me Matthew was rushed in to hospital, within minutes of me arriving the Dr came and told us they needed to stop as there was nothing else they could do for him, they stopped working on him as I sat there.

It was such a shock for us all.

That was the day we found out about 2 Wish upon a star.

I personally can’t thank them enough for the help and support they give.

Not only did Matthew’s dad get a memory box but I also had one due to me and his dad being separated which I have everything still in at the moment and put more in and put it in a safe place and I had the counselling sessions that’s offered.

So, on behalf of Lyndon (Matthew’s dad), Joshua (Matthew’s brother) and myself Tammy (mam) thank you for all the hard work