Peter Baldwin

On 6th January 2015 we experienced every parents worst nightmare. We lost our darling boy, Peter.

Peter had just turned 13 and celebrated Christmas, a normally fit and healthy boy, he was suffering with a chest infection that was unknowingly to us masking undiagnosed Type 1 Diabetes (a non-preventable autoimmune disease that can be fatal if not caught early enough).

On New Years Day his body couldn’t cope, we were rushed to hospital and he went to heaven 6 days later.

Peter loved life and gave it everything he had. We have to ensure this tragedy doesn’t happen to another family and we campaign in Peter’s memory as he would’ve wished.

Finding 2wish was our beacon of hope. Rhian and her team understand our pain & the depth of support needed for families like ours. There is no other service out there like 2wish. The team will support any way they’re able and it means so much to us just to know we’re not alone.

Peter always gave back to life, as part of his legacy we’re giving back too, helping families with Type 1 Diabetes and fundraising to ensure other families get the vital support needed from the wonderful 2wish.

We’re so grateful for 2wish x