Immediate Support

2wish offer immediate support after the sudden and unexpected death of a child or young person aged 25 and under. With consent, details are passed on to 2wish, usually from the hospital or police and, once the referral has been received, contact will be made with 24-48 hours by one of our Immediate Support Coordinators.

Once initial contact has been made, the Immediate Support Coordinator will arrange a home visit as soon as possible. Home visits and ongoing telephone support will continue for as long as the family and the Immediate Support Coordinator feel it is appropriate and beneficial.

Home visits usually take place for the first time prior to the funeral. Every family deal with their grief in a different way, but most families welcome the support and guidance at an early stage when they feel lost and struggle to arrange formalities such as the funeral or registering the death. Our Immediate Support Coordinators can offer advice and guidance and help to navigate these processes at a time when daily life is particularly tough.

The immediate support is not time limited, allowing individuals to access in their own time, thus supporting their individual needs. Immediate support can be offered to anyone who has been directly affected by the death, including family, extended family, friends, witnesses and professionals.

Referrals to the service are usually via the police or hospital, but we also welcome referrals from friends, relatives and even neighbours of families that have lost a child suddenly and unexpectedly.