Strategies for Navigating Grief

Grief is one of the most complex and debilitating emotions and finding a way through grief can feel impossible. At 2wish, we know that grief becomes a huge part of your life, but with a range of helpful strategies we hope that, in time, you will be able to enjoy moments of reprieve too. Take a moment to look through the most commonly used strategies below and get inspiration on ways that may help your journey through grief.

Therapy for Physical Symptoms


One of the most understated strategies for navigating grief is the use of complementary therapies. Many people find that their grief is displayed in a variety of physical ways, including headaches, pains, anxiety and sleep problems.

If this sounds like you, then trying different complementary therapies may help you gain relief from these physical symptoms, allowing you to rest better. With so many different therapies on offer, there is sure to be something that you can connect with. Why not try reflexology, acupuncture, massage or meditation?

Complementary Therapy

Talking When You Are Ready


Perhaps the most common misconception about grief is that undergoing talking therapies in the immediate aftermath is helpful. In the early days of grief, you will be battling with shock, sadness and a lot of organisation-based tasks that will take up a lot of your time.

However, after the initial months have passed, working with a counsellor could help you process the feelings that you are experiencing and give you an opportunity to talk about the person who has died. There are a range of different types of therapy, so there is a good chance that there is something out there that could help you.

Build a Support System


Finding comfort from those around you is an important part of the grieving process, especially when they are grieving too. However, as time passes, extending that support system to include others is an important step in moving ahead.


At 2wish, many of our families tell us that they want to connect with others who have experienced a similar situation, such as the unexpected death of a child or young person, that is not part of the natural cycle of life. We find that many people find peer support becomes a vital part of their support system and we work hard to help develop these opportunities for connection through our workshops, events and coffee mornings.


Find Purpose from Your Loss


You may be feeling that you will never be able to enjoy anything ever again, and while this feeling is normal, it’s also incredibly frightening and frustrating. Rather than pushing yourself to try and ‘get back to normal’, why not use your grief to help you find a new purpose.


This could be a creative outlet such a writing or art, volunteering for a cause that matters to you or leaning on your own spiritual or religious beliefs. By finding the right purpose, you will be able to be more active and in an environment that works best for you.

Honouring and Remembering 


‘We need to make sure their life was not in vain’ is a common thought for those who have unexpectedly lost their children. Finding ways to honour and remember a child or young person who has died is an important part of the grief journey and one that allows you to share the memory of your child in a way that works best for you.


This could involve creating a special space in your garden as a memorial, filling your 2wish memory box with photos and special items, hosting an event in their memory or even sharing their story with the people that matter the most. While you won’t ever be able to bring them back, remembering and honouring them is a beautiful way to keep them in your life in a positive and loving way.

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